3D Printed Sculpture: Little Mermaid

From 25 May until 15 September 2013
A Sea full of Mermaids

This summer, Teylers Museum, the first and oldest museum in the Netherlands, is organising the first exhibition ever to be held in the Netherlands on the subject of mermaids. The event will bring these mysterious beings to life for young and old in surprising modalities, from paintings to posters, from pictures to stuffed animals, from ‘genuine’ mermaid skeletons to fairy-tale movies and games.

Right around the corner of Teylers Museum, you’ll find antique shop De Vries & De Vries, specialized in Dutch and foreign topography, decorative prints and old illustrated books. At De Vries & De Vries, Eric van Straaten exhibits a brand new sculpture that shows a contemporary ‘Little Mermaid’ passed out on a sunlounger. De Vries & De Vries is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 11.00 – 17.00 and on Saturdays from 13.00 – 17.30


Title: Little Mermaid
Year: 2013
Size: 18 x 38 x 23 (height x width x depth in centimeters)
Material: Multicolor Composite 3D print
Edition: 3 (Europe), 3 (any other territory)
Listed price: €2.500


3D-printing is one of the marvels of the 21st century – a device that is capable of ‘printing’ digital three-dimensional visions into a physical object. Artists were quick to see the exciting possibilities of turning their digital art into sculpture using a machine which produces a physical model of their electronic creation in delicate coloured polymers. Only a very few specialize in this technique and there is no artist who pushes the boundaries as far as Eric van Straaten. 3D printing is the only technique with which his virtual models can be made tangible. While the sculptures maintain a certain digital feel to them, the pieces contain a weirdly eroticized reality. Balancing on the edge of kitsch, the marzipan-like quality of the strange material resonates beautifully with the apparent innocence of the scenes.


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